7 Reasons why your kids should learn Karate

No 1. Respect

Maybe the most important element in all forms of martial arts. Respect for your Sensei (teacher/s), respect for your family and friends and respect to every form of life in this world. It teaches humility and to put your ego aside. To learn and to teach requires respect both ways. Karate incorporates etiquette, respecting those in a higher position to you and a code of ethics that must always be followed.

No 2. Fitness

In a world of ever growing obesity; fitness is a key factor in defeating the soon to be world problem of over-eating and lack of exercise. Karate helps keep people fit and healthy because who knows when that zombie apocalypse happens and we need to make a run for it!

No 3. Boosting Self-Confidence

Learning that you can, is an important life skill. Developing a growth mindset is the key to changing your life for the better. Continually growing into a stronger, more confident person is an essential part of life and the earlier it can be taught the better.

No 4. Leadership

Working as part of a team is one thing. But leading a team is a whole different kettle of fish. Karate teaches you to work as part of a group but also that it needs direction and leadership. Being the one that works the hardest, being the one who is determined to execute every technique as it should be and the one who drives the group be better each time.

No 5. Focus

Karate is always about progressing forwards and developing new skills. This only comes with focus and perseverance. Giving up is not an option. A goal is in mind at all times. It might be the next grading or competition but karate teaches you how to focus on your next goal.

No 6. Co-Ordination

Flexibility, patterns, timing is all part of Karate. Teaching you to understand how your body can move and what its potential could be. This helps all students to understand what is possible and how it can be achieved.

No 7. Self-Defence

It can be a scary world out there. Knowing what to do and more importantly when to do it is essential in staying safe. Karate teaches you how to read those situations and make the correct choices based on the knowledge you have learnt in the Dojo.

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