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What is Nutrition Club?

Our Nutrition Club is perfect for people looking to lose weight, gain more energy or gain muscle.

We start our nutrition club with a fun 45 minute Boxerise Class (Optional). After the class has finished we host SHORT talks each week based on different subjects. One week we learn what recipes will help us to lose weight but another week we talk about what to look for when buying food from the super markets.

There are optional weigh-ins and weight loss / muscle gain challenges to take part in if that suits with your own personal goals.

We are here to help, support and promote a healthy, active lifestyle. What you do with our nutrition club is up to you.

When and Where is our Nutrition Club

Our Nutrition club is on every Wednesday Evening at 7:30pm – 8:45p.m

We hold our meetings at The Right Foot Dance Company. Please see the top of this page and click “Get Directions” for more information.

Why does it work?

The nutrition club is a free support network of people who share the same vision of a healthy, active lifestyle. We encourage new healthy habits and joke about the occasional treats that happen. We create a positive environment to grow and learn. With our weightloss challenge, we previously hosted all of our participants lost weight and biggest loser lost over 2 stone in weight.

  • Weekly weigh-ins (optional)
  • Meal plans and food recipes
  • Weight loss/muscle gain challenges
  • Fitness and workout ideas
  • Continual support

Interested in joining us at Nutrition Club?